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There's a strategy already :D
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Hey red kanji attacks can be deflected just unblockable.
No, there are 3 types of kanji attacks all unblockable - horisontal - press jump and again jump in aid to kick - deal lot of posture damage - thrust - deflect or buy updgrade to use dodge - better version of deflect anti thrust - grab - run out of range


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Thrusts can de deflected, but sweeps cannot.
Amazing blade
you can straight up skip phase 2 if you grapple to a tree branch and jump to kill the main body
You can skip phase 2 as well.
I only fought a ghost version of her , where is she exatly
Closer than you’d think
How about replacing the demo boss battle with the release version of the fight? Different location, different appearence, different moves D:
Or you know, the demo version WAS the final version and there isn't a newer version to fight? just a thought
She is optionnal. This area is optionnal. I just beat the game with the "ashura" ending. If you choose this one, you never go to Fountainhead Palace
That's true. You miss out on a lot of things by selecting Shura ending, especially as a first one. Going to new game plus after that sucks.
I mean that’s one ending but there’s like 4
But what monster would choose to betray the trust of your little lord, sweet Emma and the loli divine child ?! :o (Homecoming = best ending)
Yeah you got the bad ending, friend.
kuro's a guy so technically it's shota not loli you lol know your weeb dictionary