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By Anonymous
Game is still crashing at Thalomus boss fight and also on bridge in Garde Tum does same thing. Why would you release the game before it is finished. It is broken and constantly crashing. I truthfully feel like I wasted 20 dollars. After 4 patches still no addressing the issue let alone trying to fix it. White Rabbit WTF?
By Anonymous
call an embluance!
but nt for me

(in my case, it works)
By Anonymous
The patch is backwards, the one that has all the fixes on the 25 of August was on PC, not PS4, it is still not live, hopefully this week.
By Anonymous
Game is currently on 1.04 and glitch wont let me get the upgrading to +10 gear trophy and killing endless
By Gregorvich
Don't know where else to put this, so I thought I would create an account just to post on this unofficial wiki and hope for the best. The soul trigger on PlayStation still causes all of your ability slots in the death's statue menu to be filled up. I'm guessing this was fixed on pc as is indicated by the following steam thread: The PlayStation version of the game still has this problem, however. Just bought the soul trigger ability on my save a few days back, the game crashed shortly after, and to my dismay all of my ability slots were filled with soul trigger and I was unable to buy new abilities. This is pretty game breaking, so was hoping that if the devs are still making patches for this game this might be addressed. Also, another thing, the patch notes mentions that ON THE PC VERSION ONLY that "Soul Trigger no longer thinks it’s the best thing ever and has stopped replicating endlessly." So don't go telling me they fixed it and that it's in the patch notes, because I'm guessing that they only fixed it on the pc version and not the PlayStation version. Here are a couple more sources that talk about the bug just to show I'm not crazy. Granted, they talk about the pc version, but they still sort of give merit that the bug was a big deal back when, and is still a big deal on the PS4:
By Gregorvich
For some reason the links I included vanished into the abyss, so I went ahead and reposted them below. [url] [url] [url]
By Gregorvich
Oh my god these forums. I assumed they used bbcode but nope, they just don't like urls I guess. If you google "blood knight talent point bug" then stuff should pop up about it.
By Anonymous
just watching replies...
(oh sh**)
i'm only the man who have a non glitch game??
in my case it's great(on PC), yep there some bugs but this is due to the fact that cause my PC's old
well, it's not even bad