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By Anonymous
I seem to have found all the different types of plumes but I’m having a hell of time trying to find the last plume upgrade. Been looking for hours :(
By Anonymous
The last one? as in the one at Caer siorai?
By Anonymous
3 that are easily missed are from Sigur (the knightess in sanctuary) In obsidian vale just before where you take a right up the ladders to blow the warhorn go left passed those spikes, and there's one just before the underground gate to caer siorai if you drop down it's hidden in the darkness among some slimes. Hope this helped.
By Anonymous
my first plume is zero but why
By Anonymous
It’s possible to get an additional Great Phoenix Plume by attacking the Flying Phoenix in Gaian’s Cradle. Standing on the left edge of the first platform to get the fireball treatment from above, its possible to stand on the left edge and avoid the fire. Using the halberd or scythe’s jumping slash and a couple shots from the bow per pass to whittle at his health bar. After its HP gets to about half or a little under he’ll fly away and drop the plume. Its tedious but an easy way to get a great plume early on.
By Anonymous
I accomplished this using the second platform with both longsword and axe. Axe timing was slightly more difficult. Confused the heck out of me when I found this In my inventory
By Anonymous
here's some missing info for the new plumes

Decrepit : 382 heal, Dodgerolling and air dash at no stamina cost for 10 seconds
Time Warped : 371 heal, Lower all abilitlys cooldown by 20 seconds
Gaian : 393 heal, Remove all ailment status (need crafing recipe = Medicinal Plume + 5 Gaia Leaves + 2 Meteorite scraps