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By Anonymous
Tips for heroic Endless, never dodge, learn to parry as much as you can. She has very long telegraphs and forgiving parry frames so it is easy to learn. Perfect blocking also helps to conserve stamina and easy to learn as well. As for choosing the phases I suggest going left to right because I find that is hardest to easiest. For lighting phase you want DOT effects and to try and parry/PB her beyblade. Middle phase just counter her with parries and PB and block when an orb starts to laser. For the fire phase try to jump over the fire dash move and when firestorm hits just hit her a few times then block a fireball (direction doesn't matter) and it will give a few seconds of invincibility to attack then block again. Final phase is kind of a glass cannon so apply DOT and try to just out damage her.
By Anonymous
Heroic fight : Respec your secondary class to Soldier, take Steadfast and Safeguard
By Anonymous
You can parry her attacks on the first phase of heroic without even moving from the starting spot to get through the first phase easy, but it takes a little reading/timing practice. She has a bunch of parry-able attacks.