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By Anonymous
umm the price 15000 not 30000
By Anonymous
The gem can also be obtained by using Plunderblade on your palico, though it's still a very low chance.
By Anonymous
ok wtf is my good/bad luck. I've run Xeno'Jiva 3 times total, and i have 6 gems
By Anonymous
Its not rare at all, probably the only gem you get every 4 seconds
By Anonymous
Got one from the first carve on the story mission
By Anonymous
20 of these *****asses and not a single god damn gem
By Anonymous
just got 2 in one run ez
By Anonymous
i legit feel like i run into more gems than shells
By Anonymous
Look, im happy to have the gems, dont get me wrong, but i just got 5 gems off a single Xeno'Jiva. 1 from the tail, 1 from the body carve and 3 from the quest rewards. That just feels excessive.
By Anonymous
That happened to me too a couple months ago. Was trying to get the wing or horn parts. But hey now I got gems total.
By Anonymous
I have farmed this guy 2 times, cut off the tail, broke the head and wings and still no damn GEM! Gotta farm more. Added to this, the quest appears randomly and stays only for the duration of 2 quests! Talk about tedious.
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By Oxeye
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At some point you will get access to rare materials like Gems at the Elder Melder, though they take special tickets to craft.