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If you have passed the point where you can end the little story path by getting the immortalite stone, don't worry you can't miss it. You can keep going in and out of the room to progress it (may need to talk to them first every time) so you don't actually have to check back often unless you want to know what the triggers are.
If you leave the place, and have missed the 10 minute mark, the little guy won't show up. instead, the room will be empty besides the skeleton. need to be verified
I left and came back in after he said 10min. I waited and he did indeed show up playing on latest patch, PC version



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I have the Grimgaud's Brew that one of these little dudes gave me shortly after first entering this room and talking to one of them. After reaching the point where I wait 10 minutes and the last one comes back with a beard (the stuff he says is pretty funny) he says that his time is almost up and he will have another beer. I used the Grimgaud Brew right next to him and nothing happened, I'm writing this in case anyone had the same idea to save them the trouble of wasting that brew item.
Waited 10 minutes but little guy never came back. Waited another 5 to be sure. May be bugged. Playing on PS4 Pro.
10 minute timer seems like it's still bugged, waited 10 minutes the guy never came back, left and came back, waited another 10 minutes, still nothing
Does the quest end if you kill bulwark? I doing my second playthrough and I remember them yelling at me for it last time.
You actually need to kill Bulwark to progress the quest. They call him Hoopaloo. You'll need to re-enter the cave 4 times after that, exhausting all dialog.