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By Fexelea
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Game is launching soon! #Hype :D
By Anonymous
Bush did 711
By Anonymous
Reminds me of that tragedy.
By leoknight
really nice game and worth it in contrast to many other stupid western games - such as salt and sanctuary or undertale. ^^
By Anonymous
You have bad opinions.
By Anonymous
factually wrong opinions
By Anonymous
I agree with these other two gentlemen. Your opinion is trash dude.
By Anonymous
Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad
By Anonymous
Why do i have 5 contracts? They came from nowhere! And also, a lot of items apeeared from the blue '-' a lot of good items btw. And there's no use in discard them, they come back over and over...
By Anonymous
Love this game on the switch!

However...there's some weird issue where entering a new zone crashes my game.
It's too common :[
By zezindomotogros
Actually feeling proud and happy for helping our community by helping to complete the achievement guide! Finally I could retribute the help I had with the other guides in my 100% completion journeys (DS/DS2/DS3/Sekiro)!!! Thank you all!!!