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Also part of new Lunastra set
If the deflect means the weapon bouncing off the monster's armor, that is such a good deco for anyone.
I just got minds eye jewl 2 from farming behemoth, my glaive doesn’t bounce off anything now.
wew so lucky.
wow, you are so lucky. farming behemot you say? I'll do the same then!!! tee-hee
So someone want to explain what it means by the ballistics part of the skill? it seems mistranslated 'shortens the distance before ammo and arrows reach max power' does that mean it extends your effective range or decreases fall off on damage?
It will extend the range on all shots so fall off damage is further than normal
Both, it practically nullifies critical distance to reach the sweet maximum damage your shots deal for bows and bowguns. Not worth it if you're going for a close range bow coating build/totally worth it for pierce bowgun build.
Got one from the elder melder



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Sorry for the downvote, meant to scroll but accidently click downvote.
I meant the downvote. He can take his gem and rot in hell
Need to add that the USJ armor also gives this
I done it
Do you still lose more sharpness when attacking parts that would normally deflect?
Is it bad that I got this decoration after 350 hours?
im almost 600 in and i dont have it lol
Just got it at hour 521...feel ya.
yes very bad
1000 hours later and farming lavasioth event daily and still no minds eye. At least I finally got mushroomer