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The fight itself is easy enough to win, but Wulfram is a bit of a pincushion. Wulfram tries to run ahead of the party and tends to get shot to pieces by the 3 skeleton archers within the first 3 rounds of combat. It doesn't help that he runs 5 meters out front and won't move at all away from combat so you will have to run forward to get CCs on the archers. Also, this quest is called 'Expedition Burial Mounds' in my log - not sure why it is called 'The Lost Archaeologist' here in the wiki?
'The Lost Archaeologist' is the title in the Classic, while the name is changed to 'Expedition Burial Mounds' in Enhanced Edition
someone made a mistake on here...ste 4 says "speak with Aureus", but then in the walkthrough, it says "speak with Selenia". Selenia is the correct npc
this is called "expedition : burial mounds" in enhanced edition