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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Not the fault of the wiki here, but the in-game tool-tip that says items are 10% cheaper/more expensive per point of bartering is not correct. The real number is a hair above 4% (I'll provide math in a reply below if you want the exact formulas). As an example trying to buy 600 gold 'Medium Intelligence Potion' at Bartering level 2 costs 600 gold. Equipping something to increase bartering to level 3 (from level 2) the new cost ends up being 576 gold. 24 gold cheaper which is 4% cheaper and certainly not 10%. This has been checked against other items and the 4% value holds (although subject to rounding).
Kind of talking to myself here, but here is the math:
Buy Cost - how much it costs to buy something from the vendor
Sell Cost - same but selling to vendor
Value - this is the gold value it shows in your inventory outside trade mode. A medium intelligence potion has a value of 240 gold and will be used as the example below.

Buy cost at barter level 0 is 2.7 times the Value. For example, something that has a value of 240 (that same medium intelligence potion from above) will cost 240 x 2.7 = 680 gold.
Sell cost at barter level 0 is the Value / 2.7. That same potion sells for 240 / 2.7 = 89 gold.

Each level of bartering will reduce that 2.7 multiplier by 0.1 - so at bartering level 3 the multiplier is 2.4. Buying that medium intel pot now costs 240 x 2.4 = 576 gold and sells for 240 / 2.4 = 100 gold.

At bartering level 17 you should theoretically be able to buy and sell an item for EXACTLY its value since the multiplier would drop from 2.7 to 1.0 at that point for both buying and selling.

Hopefully this helps some people trying to figure out the game's economy/bartering since the tool-tip doesn't match what you would expect.