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By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure that unlike Grog and Marg, there is no way to remove the troll blood buff, so you just need to do more than a third of his health a turn. I had my scoundrel/polymorph kill him by preparing on one turn to burst on the next. On the first turn i used venomous coating and got into position, then had a different character use clear minded, firebrand, and haste. On the next turn I used Apotheosis > Flesh Sacrifice > Daggers Drawn > Adrenaline > Chameleon Skin > Mortal Blow. That killed him when he was at full health.
By Anonymous
His troll blood is removed by healing him
By Anonymous
Lone Wolf burst I call it. Fortify and bone gage and pheonix dive right beside him and then hit reactive armor. One shotted him like everything else in the game so far.
By Anonymous
He heals for full HP every turn.
By Anonymous
The easiest way to kill the troll, just use the terrain transmutation spell on lava nearby and kill the troll with it
By Anonymous
Your a genius
By Anonymous
Even without Terrain Transmutation, this troll can be killed by simply teleporting it to the lava below. It does take some fidling to be able to get your caster into a spot where he can "see" the lava below, but this is still overall an easy fight with the teleport spell.
By SirTizzyWizzy
As said before, teleport him into the lava below. He is not aggressive until you start the fight with him so it's easy to position yourself properly. Just teleport his body back up to loot him as well. My troll had nothing on him however, so don't get your hopes up
By Anonymous
Just FYI if you want the XP, you need to start the fight before teleporting the lava, otherwise he just dies as a neutral charakter.
By Anonymous
I try to teleport him into the lava when the fight starts but the troll is an invalid teleport target
By Anonymous
When the battle starts he uses Fortify, you either need to break down his armor or wait for it to wear off, but keep in mind he uses fortify as often as he can
By Anonymous
Did it with living on the edge + forced exchange and using rested to counter the knockdown.
By Anonymous
Eh I mean first aid to give the status rested. Lol. Sorry
By Anonymous
Troll blood is removed by healing him.
By Anonymous
Using Restore worked for me, but First Aid did not.
By Anonymous
Someone needs to update the wiki with this. I knew there had to be a way to remove the troll blood.

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