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By Anonymous
I just summoned everything i could and slowly but surely killed him. Helped that my two handed Fane landed a critical that dealt seven hundred damage
By Anonymous
I found that getting my team to all skip a turn and take the beating, I had enough actions points to take Krug out in a single round before he has a chance to heal
By Anonymous
If you have the Vulture armor and have permanent farsight, you can hit him while outside the combat range if you’re playing as a ranger. Unchain the ranger, make sure he/she is far away, and start the fight. Then, switch control to your ranger and use the basic attack at max range. After your attack lands, your ranger automatically “flees” the battle. Rinse and repeat until the troll is dead.
By Anonymous
So if you decide to teleport him I highly recommend you first have your teleport caster sneak far away to the ledge of the lava and have one party member attack him in the opposite view so that he doesn't spot the teleport caster sneaking. You will be engaged into combat for the free EXP to kill him then after you teleport him into the lava from sneaking during mid battle. If you don't engage battle and teleport the Troll off to death, you wont get the EXP.
By Anonymous
First Aid does not work.
By Anonymous
You can teleport him to a ledge nearby with no path to get back. He’s then stuck there and you can walk past him. If you want, you can initiate combat with a ranged attack and then teleport him into the lava. He cannot attack you except with oily boulders. He also casts fortified which makes him unteleportable so you just have to wait him out.
By Anonymous
"To quickly kill him, simply teleport him into the lava to his left for a quick bbq troll."

So good and tasty.
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Oh man I spent ages getting fane into position, feigning death, casting resist death on fane, getting fane to 1hp with huge potions, swaping vitality with krug and then trying to kill him after using a time warp, except krug moved so i ran out of AP getting into position again, managed to get a few lucky attacks of opportunity with the other characters and just managed to beat the 3k heal on the next set of turns. It was epic...but... i coulda just healed krug? lame...
By Anonymous
Can i just say that T for Troll book is fking useless
By Anonymous
It truly is. Just spent forever on that damn troll.
By Anonymous
If you don't want to cheese him with lava, just hit him with a healing ritual or restoration as one of your first actions to strip his regeneration.
He is immune to a few statuses, but not stunned, frozen, or chicken.
Should have enough spells to keep him locked every turn as you plink away his HP