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Is this a co op game?
No, it's Single Player. And as no one can help you via Multiplayer, the Gaming Experience is intense.
Add to wiki, who is not difficult ) In steam can not create a manual, there is no button to publish. And the message is lost MELEE WEAPON SCALING Bonus damage = MELEE WEAPON DAMAGE x (100% + MELEE WEAPON SCALING(STRENGTH)) x MELEE WEAPON SCALING (WEAPON) Sample: MELEE WEAPON DAMAGE = 100 MELEE WEAPON SCALING(STRENGTH) = 45% MELEE WEAPON SCALING (WEAPON) = 80% Bonus damage = 100 х (1 + 0,45) х 0,8 = 116 Total damage = 100 (116) RANGED WEAPON SCALING Bonus damage = WEAPON DAMAGE x (NORMAL WEAPON SCALING(EXPERTISE) x NORMAL WEAPON SCALING(WEAPON) + (SPECIAL WEAPON SCALING(EXPERTISE) x SPECIAL WEAPON SCALING(WEAPON)) Sample: WEAPON DAMAGE = 100 NORMAL WEAPON SCALING(EXPERTISE) = 7,5% NORMAL WEAPON SCALING(WEAPON) = 0 SPECIAL WEAPON SCALING(EXPERTISE) = 35% SPECIAL WEAPON SCALING(WEAPON) = 35% Bonus damage = 100 х (0,075 х 0,35 + 0 х 0,35) = 2,625 or 3 Total damage = 100 (3)


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I updated Some Of the Enemy drop items
Is anyone actually ever going to update this fextralife entry to include all the areas, even if its just maps. There's multiple playthroughs online with the fextralife banner, so it's not like they've not completed it.
I don't think they care anymore for how old it is. I just recently started to play and have completed it once. Im on a second play through with a different build now that i know a sniper class is OP.