Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SL)


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As the title says I am looking for a Black Knight Greataxe, which I apparently didn't remember to farm in the Kiln. It is the only weapon I am missing to get the Knight's Honor trophy, and I'd rather not have to make it back to the kiln to farm it. I've got various items I'd be willing to part with for it, including other Black Knight drops, so hopefully we could work something out.

My hours of play are a bit of a mystery going forward but I should be available until 11am EDT today then later starting around 8PM EDT for at least a few hours. Any other times we can try to work out. I also only have access to areas up to the Ornstien and Smough fog gate, so if possible I'd like to meet somewhere in Anor Londo.

PSN Name: Altonious159 Character Name: Altonious SL: 103