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Shield of Want!
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Shield of Wank
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Shield of Don't Want
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Be wary of pointless but try fashion
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By EvilUnicornLord
Let's see, I can get a greatsword that deals more damage based on how many souls I'm carrying, a statue on a stick that destroys enemy armor like no tomorrow, or I can get a medium shield with no special qualities.
By Anonymous
God sees you and your jiggle physics... and he approves.
By Anonymous
Fashion Souls!
By Anonymous
Okay this isn’t the best amongst the three options BUT it’s a damn good shield. It has a full melee defense and 85 fire resistance which means you already counter most builds and enemies.
By Anonymous
This shield has very good all around defense for a light shield. I don’t know why ppl are saying it sucks. Tbh has a pire mage this is one of the best shield, especially if you use strong magic shield.
By Anonymous
the reason people say it sucks isnt because it is necessarily bad, its just super boring. think about it, you can get a massive club-like ultra greatsword that shreds armor, a huge greatsword that gets stronger the more souls you have, or a decent shield with a resistance to fire. its just boring, especially considering it is the soul of VENDRICK, that like nashandra's, is only able to be obtained once per playthrough due to the nature of how you get it.
By Anonymous
You can ascetic the first bonfire of Castle Drangleic to respawn Watcher/Defender, Nashandta and Aldia. You can get her soul multiple times in one NG.
By Anonymous
Even if it isn’t a « special » shield. It’s still one of the top three light shield. And like I said for pure mage without much strenght or dexterity it is an amazing defense option.
By Anonymous
To the person that says it's boring, that's like, just your opinion man. I think giant weapons are super boring, I'd rather get a shield with a cool design and high damage absorption. Not everyone likes shields, but not everyone likes big weapons either
By Anonymous
Is this shield +5 better than a uninfused +10 Royal Kite shield? I like the design of this one but the Royal kite has been an 'ol reliable I can always count on.
By Anonymous
Nvm, I just got it and at +4 it is definitely better than the Royal Kite. It has worse Dark absorption tho but overall great shield. Probably the best out of the 3 Items you can get from the Kings soul. Would recommend this one.
By Anonymous
this shield has a nice tone for not being special. It shows that vendrick didnt need to be a god neither have the Soul of a Lord to be powerfull.
By Anonymous
Better go with defender's
By Anonymous
It would have been nice if they gave it the effect it has on dark souls 3 having a tseldora set with jester gauntlets, warlock mask, covetus silver and the shield would be incredible for soul farming
By Anonymous
We already have Watchdragon Parma
By Anonymous
Personally, I care less about the soul farming and more about the combo it should have wuth the Ruler's Sword (which scales with souls). If this shield had a soul absorption bonus, then it would be a godly match with the Ruler Sword.
By pookaboots
Jun 14 anon, the parma raises item discovery, not soul intake
By Anonymous
Would fit lore wise. Not because Vendrick was greedy, like ds3 wants you to believe, but because he was fascinated by souls and wanted to get all their potential out of them. Also it would be good for Giant lord since with the ideal build you would still have a slot free.