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By pornmaster69
The two-hand animations are very similar to Demon's Souls
By Anonymous
So this dude's name is ****master69 but we get censored when we swear? What's up with that, Fextralife?
By Anonymous
Does anybody know what is the best overall straight sword for strenght build?
By Anonymous
Red rust sword
By Anonymous
Longsword is very good. It has a lower base damage and damage scaling, but it has a very fast attack speed, which makes up for it IMO.
By Anonymous
From experience, the three best straight swords are the Red Rust for pure damage on a high strength build, The Fume for range on pure dex or dark builds, or the drake keepers on quality or power stance builds for its above average in every aspect flexibility.
By Anonymous
longsword ftw
By Anonymous
Full slashing movesets are what really hinders most of this weapon class. Bad design choice, their AR/counter dmg isn't high enough to break the game if they got stab attacks anyway
By Anonymous
a shame there aren't that many good looking SS, all the love got to the weeb*****
By Anonymous
I would argue that the varnigan, and drakekeeper swords are pretty awesome, but there are so many good looking swords fom other classes. I do with they kept this much weapon diversity in ds3
By Anonymous
Oh boy i miss balder swag sword
By Anonymous
We All Do
By Anonymous
try sun sword (quality build)
By Anonymous
You can use these weapons on the offhand with a larger slower weapon in the mainhand to speed up many attacks. Let's say you were using a great club mh and longsword oh, if you were to press L1 and then R2 you'll notice that the R2 comes out very fast compared to the usual windup the attack has.
By Anonymous
This is some solid advice thank you
By DragonSlayerNatalia
I found that the Fire Longsword is missing from this list. Second bonfire of Forest of Fallen Giants, Below the Scaffolding and in a burning tunnel is a fire lizard, if you run and open a door to get in a room there will be a chest that has the Fire Longsword.
By Anonymous
That is a Longsword with a Fire infusion, not a seperate weapon. Longsword is on the list