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By Anonymous
So Easy Automatic Mode: The Mantle?
By Anonymous
mantle use of any kind is easy mode.
By Anonymous
90 second use with a 300 second (5 minute) cooldown that only starts when you take the mantle off. Basically you use this thing at the start of a fight to pump out as much damage as possible without paying too much attention to health, and if things go the way they should the monster is dead before it ever comes off cooldown again. I wouldn't really call it easy mode so much as just a burst dps cooldown.
By Anonymous
Necessary for taking down Behemoth especially in joining random teams.
By Anonymous
Totally helpful for Arc monsters!
By Anonymous
I love this thing.
By Anonymous
this is my main
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if actually getting hit more often with this on decreases the usage time faster?
By Anonymous
No it doesn’t decrease charge the more it’s used
By Anonymous
Sorry for the downvote, meant to click Replies but missed
By Anonymous
You don’t understand how op this thing is for Glaive
By Anonymous
because it prevents in air interuptions
By Anonymous
what about PC?
By Anonymous
Not until Lunastra is added to PC. Could be this month.
By Anonymous
I wish I had this in Dark Souls.
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By Agarin478
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Nothing will save you from giantdad.
By Anonymous
So you are saying Monster Hunter is too easy and for brainlets*****ters and casuals? I thought so too. ***** Crapcom and ***** Ryozo. Ryozo and whoever made the Temporal Mantle should be fired. This series have gone downhill since Freedom Unite. How can we brag about how hard Monster Hunter is to the Dark Souls fan like the good old Freedom Unite day to see who have a bigger*****now?
By Anonymous