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By ChairThorwingTime
I hope I'm allowed to make a new wiki page for these builds to clean the clutter they make in their description.
By Anonymous
i have no idea which build i should do
By ChairThorwingTime
Depends on what you're feeling up to right now. I personally made a LOTR-esque PvE build because I was feeling up to be a Ranger with a longsword and longbow. I've been working on making these builds more comprehensive so that it doesn't look so daunting to find something.
By Anonymous
I was thinking of trying to do a "backstabs/back crits only" build. What are some suggestions?
By Anonymous
Daggers do more backstab damage and have high dps thanks to their use speed. You should have one as a secondary for parrying but keep another weapon as a primary of sorts since some enemies cant be backstabbed or parried. Also stunning someone really helps so read up on how much poise damage your weapon does, have fun!
By Anonymous
the original dagger is almost tied for best crit with the manikin blade, I ran through the entire game using the dagger, it gets a bit trickier if you join the CoC but overall the dagger +10 is a broken weapon, good luck getting behind some of these dingus enemies however. I'd reccomend running through each area to the next bonfire, then playing the stage backwards so most are faced away from you
By Anonymous
This build can handle just about any threat... the hammer does OP damage on bosses, the pike does safe AOE on random mobs, and the avelyn is a strong ranged attack. The 20 int/faith are for resistances, attunement/agility are for iframes. Dump all your extra points into endurance. ... A.BJCa17QL

ANY starting class, SL 206+

Vigor: 50 Endurance: 50
Vitality: 14 Attunement: 30
Strength: 40 Dexterity: 40
Adaptability: 25 Intelligence: 20
Faith: 20
Left #1: Defender's Shield
Left #2: Pyromancy Flame
Right #1: Craftsman Hammer
Right #2: Pike
Right #3: Avelyn

Ring 1: Flynn's Ring
Ring 2: Ring of Life Protection
Ring 3: Ring of Blades+2
Ring 4: Ring of Life+3

Spell 1: Flame Weapon
Spell 2: Toxic Mist
Spell 3: Flash Sweat
Spell 4: Warmth

Wear any armor you like, but keep load below 70%. Use elemental bolts your target is weak to.
By Anonymous
My build is the full royal soldier set with a bastard sword and a longbow, his story is that he was a royal soldier that used to serve under king vendrick, but after the war he was only survivor left and after finding the truth about nashandra, we went to avenge his king.
By Anonymous
Your link to "Magic User Guide" shows a 404 error .
By Anonymous
Your link to "Magic User Guide" shows a 404 error . Please edit it and I would like to request a Magic and Hex user guide (a mage build that uses both Sorceries and Hexes) , just like the Magic User Guide for Dark Souls 1 . Appreciate it .
By Anonymous
Someone mentioned the link to "Magic User Guide" shows a 404 error . Why has this page not been edited for such a long time ?
By Anonymous
Your link to Magic User Guide shows a 404 Error .