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By Anonymous
Which is the best jack-of-all-trades build?
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By Sanctus
Author: @Sanctus
Build: Lemme solo him

Starting class: deprived

40 vigor
40 end
10 vit
6 att
20 str
25 adp
6/6 fth/int
weapons:powerstanced chaos blades +5
head:catarina helmet
arms:engraved gauntlets
legs:prisoners waistcloth
Rings:flynn ring,ring of restoration,ring of blades+1,third dragon ring
By Anonymous
Who is "him"?
By Anonymous
Autor: @Gustto
Build : Dançarino Fantasma

Covenant: No Covenant
Starting Class: Bandit (11)

Vigor: 30 Endurance: 30
Vitality: 11 Attunement: 2
Strength: 33 Dexterity: 80
Adaptability: 40 Intelligence: 3
Faith: 10

Head: Black Hood
Chest: Benhart's Armor
Hands: Black Gloves
Legs: Black Boots

Left #1: Bare Fist
Right #1: Uchigatana

Ring 1: Ring of Blades+2
Ring 2: Royal Soldier's Ring+1
Ring 3: Chloranthy Ring+2
By Anonymous
Why only 3 rings?
By Anonymous
Bare Hand Champion build:
By Anonymous
Katana Master build:

Red tearstone ring for who don't have the Crown of the Sunken King DLC and Flynn's ring for who have