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The titanite Demon in the shortcut respawns more than once, contrary to what the notes and trivia section suggest. Confirmed on PS4
By Anonymous
Aye, tis a great Demon titanite farm
By Anonymous
I let ziggy jump down and he killed all the chaos monsters np. He's got gumption.
By Anonymous
This guide says the bounding demons don’t respawn, well the giant two legged stone monsters definitely respawned and *****ed me up
By Anonymous
Uh, no they dont
By Anonymous
They dont, there are just so many there it feels like they do
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I really like this area
By Anonymous
Developer 1: We don't have time to place the enemies and we got this big lava place what do we do?
Developer 2: Just put like 70 Demons there so they just avoid trying to explore the place
Developer 1: What about the boss?
Miyazaki: This game is a platformer.
By Anonymous
Lost Izalith would have been a great place. The architecture reminiscent of Angkor Wat, the molten lava and the infernal atmosphere fit perfectly into the game. Unfortunately, this place seems so unfinished. As if the developers ran out of time and the finished project was dropped
By Anonymous
Everybody knows it was unfinished. It’s Bandai Namco’s fault for rushing the release and it didn’t end there as they’re also responsible for keeping the DS2 graphics downgrade from customers so they could still cash in on it. They are scum.
By Anonymous
I love entering demon ruins and seeing the giant dome that houses Izalith below, the sheer scale of it blows my mind!
By Anonymous
Yeah I think it's marvelous as well.
By Anonymous
Great place to fail 2 quest lines within 10min of each other LOL. Map design and unit placements seemed kind unusual.
By Anonymous
This is probably the most thematically immersive place in the game. You start out in the undead burg. There's sun, connections to beautiful places, plenty of living characters just hanging around. Then you come across a demon (Taurus) that seems sorta out of place.

Then you enter the lower burg. And as you venture down further, the setting becomes darker and more dismal. Thieves and hounds trying to bleed you. Then another, seemingly, out of place demon (Capra). You come across a couple of humans here, but they're barely alive, and need to be actively saved by the player.

In the beginning of the game, your aim is Blighttown. That's all you know about. So you get there, and it is, indeed, a pretty dark and treacherous place, filled with odd demonic monsters. And then you realize.

That whole path to Blighttown?

Yup, just the halfway point on the descent into the darkness. Soon all of the humans are straight up demons and you're wandering through this eerie and fickle hellscape, where the dangers are all-or-nothing threats.

Could the final area boss have been better? Yeah, sure. But this whole, long path from the burg to the Bed of Chaos is basically the most "Dark Souls" feeling section of the game, and maybe even in the series. That whole concept of a gradually deeper and darker path, with thematically similar enemies, as you progress was almost entirely lost in the second game--where most of the areas felt like disconnected/thematically discrete regions.
By Anonymous
Spoken like someone who appreciates immersion, aesthetics and lore.
By Anonymous
I already appreciated Izalith more than most could even though it was unfinished but this comment is beyond what I could have thought, nice way of looking at the world for what it has rather than what is hasn’t.
By Anonymous
dark soul 1 is a story about relieving/replacing a god to renew a world, thematical depth is needed for the mythological story, involving more gods than humans

dark soul 2 is about finding the story of a king, in a diverse but very human kingdom, and seizing power to succeed him (either as he 'should' have, by linking and directing the fire, or as he did, by using the power and knowledge earned along the journey. The world of DS2 is not geographically coherent, because between the regions, there are huge swath of boring walking implied, unlike in DS1 and 3 (in which almost all regions can be seen from each other)

the 3 is yet another story, of exploring the ember and trying to save what little is left. the world is small, bereft of both epic (thematic greatness) and diversity /disconnect (geographic greatness), by design

So it is not a surprise that the feel of those game are different : the stories are different, the goals are different, the context is different
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Does anyone else have worse Frames here than in Blight Town? Blight Town ran without a single problem FPS wise, but this place... God. Feels like 15 FPS at times, while every other area in the game runs at 50 unless there's a lot of particles displayed at once.
By Anonymous
I play DSR on my PS4 Pro and the frame rate in Lost Izalith is just fine for me.
By Anonymous
I was just playing on Xbox 360 and the frame rate absolutely is as bad as you describe. I'm pretty sure all the dragon butts caused it