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I might not sure if the outcome where solaire doesn't have the sunlight maggot is only for the shortcut as I got this outcome but never even joined the covenant. Things that I might have done are that I bypassed the gaping dragon by going through valley of the drakes and never saw him in blight town and I summoned him for ornstien and smough but he died in the fight.
If you were messing around on the other side at all, you may have killed the maggot before Solaire found it. This can be done with a myriad of AoE attacks, or even some melee if done right. NPCs dying in fights don't mean sh** in this game, That started in DS2, as far as I know. It seems that phantoms, in this game, are more embodiments of their will than actual characters. Or at least, that's what I'm seeing with all the talk of spirits and convoluted time. I mean, we can kill Darkstalker Kirk three times! That's more times than Danial Jackson died in Stargate: SG1. Wait... No Danial may have died once more, but still! I mean, it could be because their undead, I believe there's a summon somewhere that's not. I'll have to find that...
Everyone, DO NOT go in this area. It is pure hell, archers everywhere, you can't even retrieve your lost souls. And you can't go back to firelink shrine too. It's suicide if you go here. Beware, i guess.
What? Archers? Are you mistaking this for the Anor Londo page? Though it kind of is hell...
There's no archers? Are you talking about duke's archives. Stupid archers...
Sounds like someone went Hollow..
You do know you need to go here to beat the game, right?
Does anyone know if they patched the titanite demon from respawning
still spawns
This could've been a cool area but I guess, due to time constraints, they just filled the whole thing with lava and placed like 20 dragonbutts all over the level, then called it a day. Also one time I died to one of those things and had to spend 10 minutes looking for my souls, because they're almost impossible to spot in that giant pool of glowing awfulness.
In the Siegmeyer part, I dropped after killing all but one of the monsters, but I had a Murakumo, so the backswing for killing the last one hit Siegmeyer and took a big chunk of his hp, thus ending the questline there :(. Be careful.
I always like saving him, even if it means an “incomplete quest”


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In first playthrough in Lost Izalith both Siegmeyer and Solaire were taken. Damn this hollowed place.
In the part with Siegmeyer, I had a divine crossbow +8 with me, seems to work really well against the Chaos Eaters.
I took the shortcut before reaching the first bonfire to the left of the Centipede room and when I opened the door I found both Corrupted Solaire and the Red Eyed Chaos Bug... Is this some kind of glitch? By the way, I was playing the Nintendo Switch version.
Take the shortcut before defeating firesage for solaire’s “good” ending. You will have had to have met him in undead burg and Anor Londo to be following his quest properly.