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Americans can get this too. Just got mine last night doing a lvl. 3 event. His: gold I think the name was. You fight 3 giant Jargas, but they are all different sizes. Do the quest 4 times to make the weapon from the blacksmith.
USJ:GOLD STAR was the quest, not his
Their is a third level now
I can't figure out what the materials are. Any ideas?
I’m trying to find that out now
Has someone found out the materials?
I noticed that as well what's the materials needed for that
it will be added with arch temp Nami
there is now a rarity 12 for the sword yet i dont know what quest i need to do to get it
Every one ,if you have hack this weapon in rare 12 name {harddummy}.Congratulation you save game can't play again.So don't hack and upgrade this weapon to rare 12 by now.