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Does Lingering Draoncrest ring work with this?
that ring only works with Sorceries, this is a Pyromancy, not a Sorcery, so no


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Technically untrue. The Lingering Dragoncrest ring affects Pyromancy self-buffs such as Iron Flesh, Power Within and Flash Sweat. I don't believe it has any effect on this spell's duration though.



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can confirm lingering dragoncrest ring seems to have either so little it's negligible or no effect on this spell, I tested it on the same crossbow hollow next to the undead burg bonfire under wyvern bridge
Do charmed enemies attack invaders? I'm wondering because normally invaders can't be damaged by enemies even by accident.
I know this is hella old but yes, I also highly suggest you look at red Rosie's video.
well, this does't seem useful to me, cause it cannot be used in boss fight. but still neat
It’s very useful outside of boss fights, and it’s always fun to use it when your invaded


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"It's very useful outside of boss fights and it's always fun to use when you're invaded"? Bro, you can't even affect any enemies that are a threat to anyone.
30 seconds is hardly worth it, would be awesome it it was until killed.
It’s definitely worth it, the chaos of there being another entity on your side makes a lot of fights a lot easier, most of the time they won’t even survive the 30 seconds so it will be until killed, unless there’s no enemies left in aggro range
the duration is more than long enough, the enemy usually dies before that time runs out anyway. The biggest problem with it is that you have to get really close to an enemy to use it, at which points you end up taking damage...
It'd be a viable PVP weapon that way. Imagine being invaded in Undead Burg, only for the poor idiot to be gangbanged by every Hollow in the city...
if only, you can only have one at a time, but it would be effective if you got one of the spear hollows to sandwich them because they wouldn't recognize it's a threat because they rarely attack
>can be used by either gender God bless you From Software
Make a hollow horny for 30 sec
go to horny jail *bonk*
I love going to the undead burg just to piss around with this spell.
I was really hoping I could use this on the skeledogs and make them fight each other. Oh well.
srsly useless spell its more for fun than actually help in fights
It's surprisingly helpful in Duke's Archives. I can also see some use for it in Ariamis.

But yeah, it's mostly for messing around.