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By Anonymous
I have the materials but can't craft this weapon? Why? Maybe my ranking is too low?
By Anonymous
Japan only tho ...
By Anonymous
How since some can only be aquired from JUS event
By Anonymous
Awesome monster hunter weapon
By Anonymous
Gotta do the usj quests. Do the one with the Great Jagras’ first. And then the one with the azure rathalos and dodogama last. If you use a voucher on the latter of the quests it can drop a rath ruby which you will need.
By Anonymous
PC requires 4 Dodogama talons to upgrade not 2
By Anonymous
The low rank azure star blade was pretty damn good, pretty much carried me through a lot of LR missions even when i could get some better stuff. Especially useful against tobi-kadachi. How does the HR version hopd up in late game? I play to farm for it as soon as the event comes back.
By Anonymous
Azure Star Dragon Dance is one of my favorites. A must for monsters weak to water
By Anonymous
Am I crazy or there is a third one? I would like to know what items I need to craft it. If someone knows it pls? :(
By Anonymous
Yep there's a third one I'm not sure how to unlock it tho
By Anonymous
probably needs AT ED/alatreon/special event mats, didnt see this new branch during AT nami's release, or i just wasnt looking close enough
By Anonymous
its not released yet. its connected to a theme park in japan that's closed now but probably be released on the day it reopens.
By SotiCoto
For the time being the 3rd upgrade is called "HARDUMMY" ... I imagine they'll change it when it is officially released though. Shouldn't be too long now.
By Anonymous
Velkana crystal, 2 mats from Frostfang barioth, and some kind of gem or ticket which I'm assumng will be the Master rank USJ quest whenever it is released.