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Very nice
This page should be ashamed of itself. There are no diminishing returns on absorption, every piece is applied multiplicatively. So for provided Havel pieces, you get your final value by: 100 - (1 - 0.185) * (1 - 0.067) * 100


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My formula is a simplified version of yours, so both are correct. I say "Diminishing returns" because you get less absorption than you should for all pieces combined, I'm sorry my choice of wording bothered you.
You should be ashamed of yourself
1. Diminishing returns occurs naturally for multiplicative reductions. 2. This page's formula is pure cancer, it becomes a horrible mess with more absorption number at work. e.g. For the full Havel set, "1-(1-0.185)*(1-0.067)*(1-0.047)*(1-0.107)=0.353=35.3%)" is a simple and nice presentation; If I use this page's formula, it becomes ((18.5 - ((18.5*6.7)/100) + 6.7) - ((18.5 - (18.5*6.7/100) + 6.7)*4.7/100) + 4.7) - (((18.5 - ((18.5*6.7)/100) + 6.7) - ((18.5 - (18.5*6.7/100) + 6.7)*4.7/100) + 4.7)*10.7/100) + 10.7. Even if I cheat and pre-calculate the 23.96 and 27.534 (2-piece,3-piece absorption values), it is still a mess.
What about negative absorption values? do they increase damage taken? for example while wearing carthus bloodring.
Yes, yes they do
I still don't get what the difference between the physical absorption vs the other damage types. Someone hits me with a slash attack. How does the Physical absorption come into it, and how does the slash absorption come into it.
I think each absorption works with each damage type. So, if you get hit with a slash damage weapon, only the slash absorption will work (you could have 0 or 90 absorption of any other damage type, it wouldn't interfiere as only the slash absorption would matter).
It's weird, but Physical is its own entirely seperate damage type, not in any way related to or an average of the other 3. Most straight bladed weapons deal Physical damage, like straight swords, great swords, MOST Ultra greatswords, but also Axes. Slash is actually remarkably uncommom, only showing up on curved swords and whips
The diminishing returns of absorption only apply to getting an additional point of absorption. In terms of keeping you alive, it actually has INCREASING returns. Example: two items that both have 50 absorption. Stacking them will give you 50 +50 - 50*50/100 = 75. However, both of these items correspond to a damage reduction of 50%. While the formula doesn't look like it, it's actually just two sources of damage reduction multiplying together. Hence, we can rewrite it using the above example as: 100*[1 - (1 - newabsorb/100)*(1 - oldabsorb/100)] 50 raw absorb will double your effective health after defenses regardless of your current absorption. 75 absorption corresponds to 4x your effective health, and another instance of 50 absorption would yield 87.5, which is 8x effective health. Additional points of absorption cause your effective health to grow exponentially. Whether that is a good dump of resources in a build or not is outside of the scope of the question.
So it's better to have one ridiculous piece of armor and then a bunch of*****ty helms, leggings, and gauntlets until you reach your equip load. That's a lame incentive. It's like they hate fashion souls.
I think having something in each slot gives you a flat boost. The lightest helm, gauntlets, and boots weigh 2.1 combines. So just wear those and the best chest piece you can.
I hope you absorb... all this USELESS DATA.


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So basically it makes everything OP not that OP, because if we take Crystal Soul Spear that can deal 2300+ raw damage, enemy who has 20% magic absorption will take 2300 - 20%= only 1840 damage.