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Praise the sun
Praise the sun!
praising intensifies.
praise the sun!
You cant cosplay solaire without first killing him and thats a damn tragedy
It really is... They should have let you pick up his stuff after helping him in Lost Izalith or after Gwyn fight if you summoned him. Kinda like his last gift for our jolly cooperation.
Ma Hart iz boken
this is true
Anyone else cry when solaire died
I was sitting at firelink drinking estus when the fone ring "Solaire is kil" "no"
I accidentally saved him. Best accident ever
How do I get this set? I saved him in lost Izalith and now I don’t know how I can kill him now. Any way how?
if you saved him then you can't get this set in that playthrough,you're gonna have to get it by killing him in new game +
I killed mad solaire today in lost izalith and he didn't drop his set. I only got his talisman, sword and shield. Did i make a mistake here?