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Does anyone have any Advice for the best spear for a Dex/Faith Build? And what would be the best place to leave my stats.
I would say the winged spear, but I'm not sure if it's personal bias or not. It has C in dexterity
You could use the Dragonslayer Spear from Ornstein, but then it would be a str/fed/FTC build
If you are gonna rely fully on spear play and get accustomed to fighting at that range of say focus on stamina and dexterity. As long as you have good armor and a good shield,many opponents won't even be able to touch you. At least in PvE. Sears Trump Halberds in DD1 for me. As they don't stagger when you miss and have very low stamina cost. Not the best while 2 handing tho.
In my personal opinion I love the winged spear, it's in the graveyard and you can suicide run to get it easily, throw in around 18-20 fth for NG and 40 dex with 27 str (soft cap and poor man's soft cap), after that put around 5 slots of levels into attunement and get homeward, completely replaces bones, and put you levels in vit and end for a good equip load for mid or fast roll and some tanking abilities with a shield, then in NG+ jump all the way up to 50 fth fast and use gwyn's soul to get sun light spear from solaire at the sun bro covenant, congratulations you are op in pve and not terrible in pvp, also if you want to level more into str at NG+ up to 40 I would suggest going straight to 50 and using Havel's great shield, you'll most likely mid roll but it's worth it for that stability!
make one in ocullt
Why is it Spears are designed to work best with a Greatshield, which scales with Strength, and the Spears all scale with Dex...?
If anything, shields scale with endurance because the ammount of stamina you have and your equip load matter matter more when choosing a shield than strength does. In fact, strength doesn't matter at all lol.
if you mean requirements, I guess, because theyre big and require enough to carry.
That's why the Eagle Sheild exists. Also if you don't want to give up parry, the Iron Round sheild has heavy deflection but still want the parry and almost as high stability and better damage reduction. If you don't care about deflection then Silver Knight sheild works best.
Where is the lightning spear? The one you get in a Mimic
The lightning spear from that mimic is just a normal spear that is infused with lightning
Sen's Fortress. Elevator room lower floor. You can also modify a Spear to become a Lightning Spear at the Anor Londo Blacksmith.
it's a regular spear upgraded to the lightning path



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Not a single good str character spear, this is dumb
Cry harder ds3******
how about dragonslayer spear got c normal spear got d demon spear got c too and partizan get d
Spears aren't for str builds they are for dex or dex/str not pure str, str is for greatswords and ultra greatswords. Str is power over speed dex is speed over power it makes complete sense if you think for just a bit.



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The noble WINGED SPEAR triumphs on all other types of spears. It is without a doubt the greatest spear, and greatest weapon, of this game