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The shades in the Undead Cript also drop Skeptic's Spices.
Who want to sit there, attune a spell, and have to remember to use a skeptic's/simpleton's spice before actually being able to cast it? If there's something I want to cast, I'll grind until I have the required faith/intelligence. I'm not going to worry about whether or not I have the right spice just so I can cast a spell.
You dont have to use yhe spice before casting. You take the spice to Magerold and he permanently decreases the casting requirements. Please read the article before commenting.
I did read the article. It doesn't say whether the effect is temporary or permanent. Please read the article before commenting.
It is permanent, play the game
take note that healing spells have no scaling so you could potentially use great heal with very low requirements allowing your melee builds to take some along. Be careful with duration spells, they are often affected by the amount of int/faith you have.
1 in Harvest Valley In the area with multiple Artificial Undead, and 1 in the small notch with the lone Poison Beetle before the Covetous Demon. I don't think it is there in Scholar. Area was redesigned.