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I’m looking for some with a maxed out character to let me kill them once that’s all. I’m only interested in the large drop of souls Also it would be helpful if your willing to drop all the spells,miracles and pyromancies I’m only look to play the game really for PVP as I’ve already platinums it on PS3 so before y’all crawl in here saying Git Gud I’ve already done it I’m not interested in the grind to get back to that point



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U say u a DS1 PS3 veteran and then u ask trade spells? Can't trade spells dude!

And even with 100 million+ souls u still have to play PvE to get all the stuff u want like the embers, (boss)weapons, upgrade materials, armor, convenants, convenant items items and whatever more there is. What u want (start game, transfer and directly go PvP) is impossible.

U sure u platinumed DS1 on ps3? u look more like a total newbee to me.
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I must be crossing a bridge...cuz it smells like some troll gooch over here.
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