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Has the same effect as Alluring Skulls. The skulls are more efficient imo, as they only cost 300 souls each, which means it does not require you to use up a spell slot, nor need 19 intelligence. You can buy them from the cat in Majula.
But 20 uses from alluring skulls cost more than Yearn, that has infinite uses as long as you rest at bonfire, its more soul-effective if i use yearn instead of alluring skulls, its easy to get the intelligence for it if you level it up at lower levels
You can also spice the requirement down to 10.
Since this fact isn’t put very clearly in this article..if anyone else is wondering why enemies aren’t attacking the projectile, you have to actually aggro the enemy before it’ll even effect them. You can cast it right in front of a hollow and it will have zero effect..but shoot an arrow at the hollow and suddenly it’ll notice it for some reason and start attacking the projectile only then
Does lingering dragon ring work on this?
Don’t think so


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Does it work on the horses in Frigid Wastes? Because, if so, that would be a godsend.
It doesn't work with Royal rat vanguard, but oddly alluring skulls do (wich does the bossfight way easier and faster).