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By Anonymous
I beat my wife
By Anonymous
I don't get how people find manus and artorias hard when I did the dlc I killed artorias on my first attempt and manus only took two attempts while kalameet took over 10 attempts for me to kill
By Anonymous
I forgot to mention that this was without the silver pendant for manus as well
By Anonymous
are this bos available in dark soul remastered?
By Anonymous
If you have the dlc or remastered comes with the dlc you would have access to these bosses.
By Anonymous
Remastered comes with all content from the original game, DLC included.
By Anonymous
i don't know why people say that Artorias is sooo damn hard..?

I mean i beat him first time and Manus instead was harder. I took me 3 attempts to beat him.

Sanctuary Guardian first time and kalameet well that was really funny it ended in a draw lmao BUT i still beat aswell first time and also i claimed all the souls i lost.

DLC in dark souls 3 was way harder especially Midir.. man it tooks like 20-30 attempts to beat Midir xD
By Anonymous
thats interesting because i had the opposite experience

i beat manus first try, but artorias it took me like 15 tries to beat

sanctuary guardian was kind of hard, and kalameet wasn't hard once i figured out you could just stay underneath him and hit
By Anonymous
I finished this DLC!! u guys prolly don't care, but Manus was a big challenge for me. The giant with a bow is the best NPC tho.
By Anonymous
hey congrats bro ! It's a very cool DLC, hope you liked it as much as i did hehe
By Anonymous
Not cheesing Manus with a bow and Hawk Ring was personally for me the hardest boss in DS1. I died so many times to that multi-spread dark magic spell he does, or his crazy combo when he roars, if for some reason you don't have stamina or mess up the roll, there's a good chance his combo will just outright kill you. Btw, I didn't know you could find the Sif puppy, so fought him 1v1 :/
With Sif, you could just back up far enough that Manus aggros Sif, who seems to have very high HP. But in the end I beat him without Sif, and that felt awesome :D