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Or you come back after finding the third bonfire.
I’m impatient...
Hah, prostate gesture
Or douse yourself in water up the stairs where the archer is and walk into the fire no fks given
Why does the key found in Iron Keep open a door in the Forest of Fallen Giants?
Dunno, but maybe the Iron King used them (flame salamanders) during the war and then locked them up there after? Just a wild guess though. There's probably some bit of lore attached to it though, otherwise they thematically fit into Iron Keep or Earthen Peak way better. So there must be some reason.
The Iron key, to the Iron door, is in the Iron Keep? I'm also just guessing
It says in the item description that the iron in the Keep was taken by opportunistic passers by. The door is one of those items. Now I wonder if there are more items from the keep hidden throughout the game.
Oddly placed item for such little payoff.
Forget about the little payoff. It literally leads to somewhere you'd never stumbled about and be like "hey lemme try this door again"
You know theres a key to one of the DLCs on the salamanders right??? Like... A lot of payoff imo...