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By Anonymous
Does It buff consumable use like holy page or lightvessel?
By Anonymous
Good question.. also does it affect duration of buffs?
By Anonymous
No to everything
By Anonymous
When playing cleric, you have usually two choices :
- Play weapons with high base damages, so they get a lot from divine blessed weapons
- Play weapons which scales on WIS
I used to think that the best was the first one. But I discovered something.

Buffs get a 2.25 multiplier when applied to weapons with the same elements. It makes up for the fact that elemental weapons have a lower base physical damage.
For a non elemental weapon : Buff * BasePhysicalDmg
For an elemental weapon with same damage type : Buff * BasePhysicalDmg * 2.25

So, if you use divine blessed weapon with 50WIS on a holy weapon, you get a buff of
2 * BasePhysicalDmg * 2.25
This is actually insane.
By Anonymous
But I want to know... does Divine Blessed weapon add the multiplier to wis scaled weapons?
By Anonymous
Weapons with split poison damage see their damage increased with Wisdom as well Str and/or Dex.
So for Wisdom builds, those weapons will directly benefit. Maybe not the most optimized, but it's a possibility.
By Anonymous
divine armor is class 2