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This armor is synonymous with low level twink builds for me now. It’s tainted.
I think i'm in love this armor would be amazing for me
Since it can be acquired so easily early in the game, this is a good set for light armor wearers to get through the mid-game. It can't be upgraded, so you'll replace it eventually, but it's still worth getting.


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I just rang the second bell and got this set. The fact that you say this is early in the gam scares me.
@Hazmat616 I think the emphasis is on can. If you were to go fight Quelaag straight after arriving in Lordran and be good enough to beat her at that stage, you'd have it pretty early. Of course the usual route of Gargoyles first makes it considerably later comparatively. Although I'm here cos I'm in the same place as you and just got it looking forward to the rest of the game!
You can definitely use this for the entire game if you're looking to keep a fast roll. The non physical defense stats are quite nice, although I'm sure other upgraded sets may be better. This set doesn't require any titanite sinks though
You're a Ringwraith, Dark Souls.
just curious has anyone noticed they changed the name of the set its slightly identical to the desert sorceress set in ds2 and desert pyromancer set in ds3
Why do none of the robe bottoms come with shoes?
Because your good-for-nothing father won’t get a damned job.
Miyazaki likes feet