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Hi all! So I love Dark Souls and have really come to enjoy the PvP. I thought about starting a tournament series for the PvP aspect of the game we all love, but I will need some community help. This tournament series will have payouts and I plan to host a 1v1 or a 2v2 tournament once a month. What I need the communities help on is rules and guidelines. What’s a “broken” or “op” build in our current meta? Not strong, but truly unfair.

What’s the desired soul level? 120? No max?

Preferred system?

I wanted to start here with what the community wants out of something like this or if it’s something that’s even desired and I greatly appreciate any and all feedback.

Update 7/1/2018 8:45 pm I’m very excited to put this on and i just want to ensure it’s done very well! Any community input into the meta and rules of BSOS (Bloodshed Open Series) is welcome and appreciated! I’m in the “building” stage now with caster knowledge so that the games are casted well and with a lot of knowledge for new players and veterans! I have an artist doing the panels and overlays for the YT and Twitch channel now and once that’s done and me and my friend feel comfortable with our knowledge of this extensive meta, we will announce the first tournament date!

Thank you all!