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Really good weapon for The Catacombs when made divine. Unfortunately, you won't get it till after catacombs, until you meet patches/get it from the corpse before pinwheel, unless you started as a cleric.


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Strictly speaking, you can skip down to the bottom of the Catacombs and homeward bone back out and upgrade it to Divine and loot the Catacombs.
Vastly underrated weapon. At 30 str, +15, and two-handing, you absolutely melt bosses. Almost 300 damage a whack!
melts everything really, at +15 38 str 2 one handed hits on silverknight. and many enemys are armored.
I just started, and this weapon is actually god tier, highly recommend starting celric just for this weapon
i wouldn't do this, you can find it in the catacombs very early, and if you don't want to dual wield it, for some strength builds this could be a bad idea, for unfitting stats
You can also get the club, reinforced club and morning star very early on too.



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in pvp this stunlocks as good as a curved sword the only way to get out is toggling and the a scaling makes it great at str builds but if you are trying to only use weapons and no miracles do bandit dont start as a cleric to get this because youll be able to get higher str with a lower lvl and honestly most miracles are garbage except wog and darkmoon blade and you can get a better str weapon from firelink in minutes (gravelord sword/zwei)
Is anyone willing to trade this item for something on the switch i would like to have it for the catacombs
you ever get a reply? i wouldnt mind helping
the ****ing thing IS in the catacombs
Utterly effective and yet (unfortunately) one of the most boring weapons in the game.
the fun isnt much about the moveset but the sheer damage
I ran a traditional "cleric" build for a themed run, and kept all my gear to the stereotypical cleric equipment. This mace is actually a very serviceable weapon once you get used to its slow moveset. I used it for the entire game and noted that the only real issues I had were against opponents that could recover/move quickly, since the mace has very poor reach and no real gap closing ability other than a well-timed jump strike. In addition, once you swing with this mace, you are committed. It has a pretty substantial recovery time for a one-handed weapon, and that's a big consideration when attacking with it. It's a great choice for PVE builds. PVP is probably not going to go well for you since missing with this weapon virtually guarantees you'll be backstabbed.
Did the same with a divine morning star. Felt cool, the only time I didn't have a normal amount of damage was the artorias battle, so the battle itself was really long due to the lack of range and speed. Still enjoyable tho
Made a Palladian build with this and it destroys everything.( in pvp everyone will try to parry you if that happens wog them)
Chunks most enemies and the moveset is fun (quick light and running attacks) but the annoying part is the range is really short, but once you get up in an enemies face you can stunlock them to death usually