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By Anonymous
How to kill Capra Demon and his two dogs if you can't git gut?

Step one: Obtain and wear this armor
Step two: Obtain and wear Wolf ring
Step three: Take your strongest weapon with two hands and spam R1 without even blocking
Step four: Insta win against 3 enemies at once
Step five: Profit?

U jelly stupid big goats?
By Anonymous
For spell casters this set is a must have.
By Anonymous
Overkill tip: Use Golden Pine Resin from Undead Burg chest on your weapon (or Charcoal Resin from lady behind bars) to shame Capra even more! With this setup it's even easier and faster to kill than Pinwheel.
By Anonymous
As much as this armor is OP, only a mother could love such an ugly armor.
By LiterallyMe
We have Giant Dad
We have Havel's Mom
And now be prepared for...
Stoner Child!!!
By Anonymous
Why’d they have to make this armor **** it looks cool
By Anonymous
I don't think it's that bad, specially in the beginning of the game. Sorta like an early havel's and the heaviest armor one can get early on.
By Anonymous
It’s actually decent…
By Anonymous
The "Giant Dad Wannabe" Set