This game is kinda cool
The story-telling in this game is pure bollocks, but the combat is fun.
Honestly, I loved the storytelling. That may be in part due to a longstanding love of Sengoku Japanese history, though
Story could be so much better if the character actually talked and had a personality instead of just standing there staring
Hey everyone has a different way of communication, our character expresses himself through combat.
It's a good distraction from what could be some of the most inept leadership in all of human history.
They know exactly what they are doing.
We need notes on the newest patch
we? Funny, it's you that needs it, don't pull me in there too.
Pure Fun...Easier than first one but still great adventure...Cant wait on dlc
Ofc for anyone that played the first Nioh will find this easier, we already mastered nioh combat mechanics, and mastering burst counter takes little time. Though new players will still struggle in the beginning. But as you say it is still pure fun.
Or playing Nioh 1 just increased your skill so Nioh 2 seems easier. I played Dark Souls 3 and it was hard to me. Then I bought Dark Souls 2 and it seemed easier. The more games like this you play the easier it gets to you. Even if objectively there is no difference in difficulty.