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Truly, the love of my life and a fantastic sidearm when you're carrying something else, like a Halberd as well. Easy to dismiss due to how it looks so unimportant and like your usual early-game stock weaponry soon to be discarded, but no, this wonderful thing will carry you through the whole game with no trouble. It's a seriously amazing weapon, it has a great utilitarian moveset, low stamina cost, great speed, low weight and requirements, it has everything you would ever need, while still being a beautiful piece of work. It's only flaw might be not having a second stab to capitalize on the Leo Ring like the BSS does, but it's still a magnificent weapon to invest in, it will never let you down. It's just like Dark Souls to hide such a wonderful thing under such a mundane appearance. Longsword is love, longsword is life.
Its usually my primary. Especially since it is so versitile. I am an enchanter, using items, magic, and miracles to buff my equipment. A normal pathed straight sword allows it to be buffed anyway you need
A downvote to an anon solely for expressing his love for a weapon? How heartless. The Standard upgrade path in the original Dark Souls is pretty busted in general, given how it goes up to +15, increases scaling and damage and you can then stick a buff on top of it for extra brokenness. You really can't go wrong with it. There's a reason Dark Souls 2 came and made Standard go only to +10, after all. I was never a big fan of consumables, but that Enchanter build sounds fun. Have you considered a Ricard's Rapier instead? I hear they're quite the damage dealers with that R2 chain of theirs.
The respect and poetic prowess people have for this game is amazing!! I'm on my 4th day on ds1 remas first of any in the series I've played and it's been wonderful!!
You made me want to give it a go with the longsword.
I've always been more of a Morningstar / Mace guy myself, but as I'm trying an INT build this time, I'll give this hidden gem a shot.
Easily my favorite weapon!
Good moveset but it have a mediocre scaling, if upgraded in regular path. I used that sword enchanted +5, with a high int character, and I enjoyed it a lot. Probably my third favorite weapon in DS1
I will argue that this weapon with Regular +15 is one of the best weapons for Quality Builds in PVP. One-handed is so fast, you’ll get two hits in before any greatsword lands one.
It's true...I'm always surprised at the love of BSS (which can be very predictable) but no love for Longsword/Broadsword. When in reality, all 3 of these swords, are basically equally good/viable, with slightly different strengths but all are very strong. BSS is more for a dex build with leo ring, but the Longsword/Broadsword are incredible for quality builds, and don't require the Leo ring to be at their best. It's always funny beating people with my Crestfallen warrior cosplay, like, chain armor? a simply longsword? How hard could that guy be? Turns out, very...
Longsword is love, Longsword is life.
I love it, it is my go to sword and in my opinion is has a better move set than the Broadsword at the cost of -2 damage.
Good ol' reliable
this is an amazing weapon, in my current main I started by doing a fth/str build with 50/50 for the grant (massive divine warhammer) and sunlight spear, I am now closer to level 600, I have switched away from grant to Artorias's greatsword because of great scaling with 99 in almost every stat, plus RP purposing, I used this weapon in my NG and NG+ playthroughs (I'm on NG+11 now) and man is it amazing, I tried going for the claymore but a +15 longsword with crystal weapon and sunlight blade is unbelievably op, I cannot stress how much I love this weapon, I've used it for all of NG+4 and up due to it's fast timing and recovery, and because it can apply the buff so many times it's insane, it's also hilarious when entering an AotA arena and watching the reaction of a high level character's HP get melted by this thing, 99 vit + FaP? no problem!
This is hands down the best weapon in the entire game, Change my mind
Black knight Halberd and Great scythe exist
What about the Baller Swag Sword?