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This weapon had the chance to be amazing. Unfortunately, completely foiled by the worst lag ever. While I recall the fast low damage attacks from this in Dark Souls 3, could be snuck in between casts of spell casters, or strikes of heavy weapons... with this lag you will almost never get your spacing, and even an attack outside the range of both you and your opponent's weapons will get you punished with with a backstab.
More to the point is that it isn't a good poise breaking weapon. It has that same weakness in DS3, but since poise is never consistantly active it gets to get its free ranged hits in without consequence, Still a fun weapon with a nice moveset. For something closer to the III Estoc in this meta, I'd suggest the Balder Straight Sword.



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What parry speed does this have?
Why is the Estoc shown in-game as being able to turn into the Dragonslayer Spear, despite definitely not being able to?



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Because it can.

The Dragonslayer Spear can be crafted from any Spear or Piercing Sword upgraded to +10.
Estoc is a good weapon but at least it has weak damages and a really basic move set so it can be parry very easily