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"spamming dark bead" LOL GIT GUD SCRUB.
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What do they mean by "Miracle's syngergy occurs more often"?
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Miracle "Synergy" Is a percentage-based bonus to healing effectiveness or damage when in close proximity to a Miracle "resonance" (Another player on another world casting 1 of 3 certain miracles, allowing you to replicate the cast in your world)
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The question is how does it make happen more often, it’s not like it can make players cast soells.
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Pretty sure it means that it leaves those little white circles that boost miracles more often
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31 Mar 2019 comment is mostly correct.

To add to that, apparently only 4 spells in the game actually create those miracle synergy points:
-Bountiful Sunlight
-Soothing Sunlight
-Wrath of the Gods
-Great Heal

Miracle Synergy appears in other player's worlds sort of like leaving a summon sign. If they cast miracles near it, they'll get the bonus. The synergy sign itself looks a lot like that glowing ring you see when going to Anor Londo after defeating the Iron Golem.

Since 2 of the 4 spells that create these synergy signs are only available to members of this covenant, and since--for some weird reason--nobody seems to join this covenant, those synergy signs are pretty rare. I only saw 1 on my last playthrough. Would probably see way more of them if phantoms in this covenant spawned in gold.
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Replies have gotten it very right so far, but if you want more info on this, I suggest illusorywall's video "Dark Souls Dissected #11 - Miracle Resonance"
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I would like to add that PS3 DS1 has their Miracle Synergy broken, so if you play on PS3 then you might as well ignore this mechanic. Although you may as well ignore it to begin with because it's a very nuanced mechanic that is nearly non-existent on any platform
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One the one hand this seems like a pretty descent covenant if you are not interested in investing to much time. One the other hand it's just weird being the Guard of someone you know does not exist.
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True dat
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Is that a Braid reference??
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Your character doesn't know she isn't real, and if you destroy the illusion then you loose the covenant.
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Do clerics get to keep any of their damn spells?... gotta be in these covenents to use them.. Ds3 is better with that. You earn them, you keep them and cast at will, in covenent or not
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Don't know why you get so many down vote. What you say is 100% truth. Probably some elitist or some***** like that.
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Right? I mean in every other medium clerics heal their allies from the very start but in this game you can only do that if you follow a very strict path. locking yourself at 48 faith and forced to stay in a covenant that's only perk is the 2 miracles in game that heal team mates.....could be worse tho. sun bros have to have 50 faith and sacrifice gwyn's soul in new game + to get the strongest form of lightning spear.....that is just as easy to dodge as any other spell and locks you into being a sunbro.
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It kinda makes sense though. Religious magic needs a religion, right?
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It's really not a problem unless someone feels a NEED to have a gold phantom. You can get Great Lightning Spear way before Duke's Archives, and you can continue to use that for all of NG, even if you're not in Sunbro covenant. Ditto for Gravelord sword dance.

Sunlight spear isn't even possible until NG+, so if you join Princess Guard after finding those two miracles you're not really missing anything in NG. And in NG+, Sunlight Spear is good, but is sort of redundant due to Great Lightning Spear having more casts for 1 slot.

The only miracle I'm aware of that you'd miss is Darkmoon Blade--but honestly Sunlight Blade is better most of the time anyway. You lose .3x magic adjustment value (66 damage total) but you get lightning damage, which is usually superior to the magic damage on Darkmoon Blade. Divine weapons do magic damage anyway, so from a practical standpoint Darkmoon Blade is actually less versatile for a faith character.

Anyway, it's a little annoying, but considering that miracles are like the most diverse set of spells in the game, it's really not that bad. I see people sunbroing through the ENTIRE game, and that's really the only way to deny yourself miracles with covenants.

It's good from a role-playing perspective, I totally get it, but it makes way more sense to be in this covenant after Duke's Archives for better access to miracles.
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That's the point of most covenants : you gain advantages when you join them, you lose theses advantages when you quit them. Don't be such a crybaby or play games for kids.
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The stat isn’t called “faith” for no reason. Abandoning a covenant is the same as losing faith in its leader, therefore it takes away the ability to use them. DS3 may be lenient with it, but DS1 is more realistic with it
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Honestly, the only one I agree with is darkmoon Blade. You get that from the God of that covenant. But no restrictions from leaving daughter of chaos. Sunlight spear is earned by trading a literal once per playthrough soul. Both soothing sunlight and bountiful sunlight are obtained outside of the princess guard. Like, makes no sense
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Does anyone know if this changes your summon sign? Warriors of the Sunbro get golden signs, do Healers of the SunGal get golden signs, too?
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Nope. The co--op summoning sign is always white except for the warrior of the sun
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I have no idea why you're complaining, maybe you should also go whine about how this game has no pause
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????? who's complaining lmao
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That moment when you're just asking, and a dumbass says: "stop complaining brah"
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Anon 2 must be dumb
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I killed Gwynodlin and this covenant dissapeard. I talked to her and "joined covenant" but still can't use covenant's miracles and bonfire dosen't show me this covenant on the list. It should be that way or it's a bug? this seems werid
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I realaised that I can use miracles but covenant still isn't on the list
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same with me
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from the Gwynevere page - "The Gwynevere you see in game is an *illusion* created by Gwyndolin in order to manipulate the player." "Although Gwynevere herself exists, she left Anor Londo long before the Chosen Undead came to Lordran along with other deities"
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Did you even read at all
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Confirmed that the covenant disappears from the bonfire menu in the Remaster after killing Gwyndolin.

Gwynevere is still alive, can be talked to, and still join covenant by speaking to her, even if Gwyndolin is dead. The miracles also still work.

I think Gwynevere staying 'alive' is intentional. The covenant missing from the list is probably a bug. I can't think of any in-game reason that it would go missing from the list with her still alive. Her character is linked to Darkmoon covenant (killing her sets a status with that covenant and opens a path to Gwyndolin) so it might be an artifact of some code related to that.
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Forgot to add for anyone concerned about killing Gwyndolin:

You can kill Gwyndolin and still be in or join this covenant. It just disappears from the list of covenants at the bonfire. The covenant is still functional in every other way. The only downside is that you have to warp to Gwynevere to rejoin, so not a big deal until NG+.
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praise the synergy
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Sorry, but I already simp for the Fair Lady
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Based and Spider-Pilled
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Totally understandable.
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millennial/gen z inventing new words every years just because they don’t bother learning an already existing word.
The words for are:, joining/fanboying/crushing. simping wasn’t a word until this anti-everything snowflake generation discover online tipping and start crusading against it. Now every move is called simping
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snowflakes? milennial gen z? New words?
sounds like a boomer to me. simp used to mean simpleton but now it means giving all your life savings to an attractive person, sort of like how bimbo used to mean british man but now it absolutely doesn't.
Anyway I'm also a simp for the Fair lady right now, until she gets better from her ailment
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Why does she get a covenant and not Priscilla? I’d rather defend the fluffy tail! Meh, I’ll settle for her mom, ig.
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It's a bit a shame they only add the "Painting guardian covenant" only in DS3. The spear of the Church is great for that. But it would have been great to defend the Anor Londo painting in the same way, in this giant cathedral.
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"But you do not belong here."