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Change name to hexer's hood, and upgraded by twinkling titanite. I know not how to edit
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Where the hood at
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Look's perfect with Agdayne's Set along with Chaos Blade and Simpleton Ring, lookin like a true Dark Assassin
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this or chaos head? mhhh, casting speed means more dmg but more spells are also juicy because that means also more dmg... kinda the same in the end?
By Anonymous
not really the same. casting speed boosts DPS, but not total damage. this boosts total damage.
A practical example: the smelter demon is vulnerable to both poison and toxic. you need 2 casts of toxic mist to proc it. but toxic mists has a base of only 3 casts. so it means, if you used the chaos hood, that you can only intoxicate it once, since the third toxic mist will not build up enough to proc the status. with the hexer or saint's hood, however, you get an extra cast, meaning that you can intoxicate it twice, actually surpassing the chaos hood dps, despite slower casting speed. same for an extra shot of souls spear, sunlight spear of flame swathe, because one powerful spell makes up for the damage of several less damaging spells, raising overall dps anyway.
the casting speed helps a lot in fights that require a lot of mobility. for example, lost sinner and belfry gargoyles. Another situation where the chaos hood might be better is pvp, since the window for your opponent to punish you is more narrow.
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I just noticed, the Basilisk enemy has similar looking markings on it's body. I wonder if there's a connection?
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this or iron kings crown is alway a dificult choice, one gives you sustain every 2 minutes but this one allows you to atack more than normal.

hard choice actually
By Anonymous
One has decent fashion, one has terrible fashion.
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This hood actually is good for pyromancy, helps bump up the meager number of casts. If mostly spamming Dark Orb, prefer the Black Hood.
By Anonymous
Way too ugly to wear, don't even care what is does, I'm not wearing a friggin headscarf!
By Anonymous
Ironically, much more useful for every other type of caster. Hexers don't need it, because most hexes come with plenty of casts per slot already. Much better for high-powered spells with a low number of casts. It will turn 2 soul spears per slot into 3 (huge since you can easily farm copies of soul spear), 3 great lightning spears (or great fireballs) into 4, or 1 sunlight blade (or crystal magic weapon, or Forbidden Sun) into 2. Getting the picture yet? I used to think this was overrated, then I used it on a pyromancer.