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Well at least we get a decent monster and not a huge chocobo or something. FFXIV got rathalos again. Like wtf, let it go capcom its not 2007 anymore! Nobody considers raths "iconic" these days. Should've put Jho or even Nergigante for the x-over bonus points in it.
thank god i figured out how to get those shearclaws consistently. For anyone else, my build is Empress Shell "Styx" with Breaker Charm 2, and Vitality/Temporal Mantles. Armor is Dragonking a, Kaiser B, Zorah a, Uragaan B, and Kirin B. Gems are 2x Attack, 2x Bombadier, and 3x Steadfast. This nets you 3x Stun Resist, 3x Ammo Up, 3x Partbreaker, 3x Bombardier, 2x Attack Boost, 2x Weakness Exploit, 2x Special Ammo Boost, and Spare Shot. Sleep him with Sleep 2 Ammo, and make some on the fly for every sleep. Needed materials are Sleep Herbs, Catalysts, Bitterbugs, and Honey (latter two are for more Catalysts for more sleep 2). Sleep Behe, and then place 3 of your Wyvernblast and 2 Mega Barrel Bombs (craft more on the go with Gunpowder, Large Barrels, Large Barrel Bombs, and Devil's Blight. This should get you a total of 9 bombs.) Shoot his LEFT foot (your right if you're facing him) and repeat. At most you should need to bomb 4 times, but I got it down to 3 every now and then. Don't bother with the falling boulders. They're not going to hit his paw AFAIK.
This thing is downright *****ing impossible to defeat. ***** whoever came up with this crossover idea. Now I'm stuck with the Final Fantasy background music on Astera and it's driving me nuts.
Drove me insane, goddamn it capcom, please don't do the music thing again.
*Laughs in Rathalos is ez*
So glad to have my Astera music back, finally. I murdered the special assignment and optional quest with a support build and some good randos, one time was me + a cluster bomber, and the other was me + IG, HH support, and I think an LS dps. Did the mounting strat (stay mounted, don't attack and just wait it out to let allies wail on behe), flashed any charybdis, and pretty much heal-tanked anything with Speed Eating 3, Wide Range 5 mega potions. My build was Kjarr Slicer "Dragon" (this can be any SnS really, it doesn't matter a whole lot.) with all Empress Beta except for the pants which were Alpha, and my charm was the Mushroom Charm II. Jewels were 3x Gobbler, 3x Steadfast, 1x Maintenance, 1x Vitality, 1x Jumping, 1x Fire Res, and 1x Friendship. I simply spammed the mounting attack the whole fight, while occasionally providing buffs and heals when needed. Items were Blue Mushrooms, Toadstools, Nitroshrooms, Parashrooms, Demon Powder, Hardshell Powder, Might Seeds, Adamant Seeds, Flash Pods, and Flashbugs, along with Potions, Mega Potions, and Max Potions. (don't forget powercharm/talon and armorcharm/talon!)
The best thing you can do for your team to make the fight easier if you don't have flash pods and you don't think your team will flash him when he summons charydbis on you is RUN TO THE F***ING WALL, don't stand in the middle of the arena like an idiot.
One question I have is if crossover monsters like these are canon. Oh, and Extreme Behemoth is impossible.
Still haven't completed this quest because I always get some idiot that thinks he can take this on like a Great Jagras. Refusing to flash or bait Charybdis, refusing to bait Behemoth AWAY from Comets, actually hiding behind Comets thinking they will block tackles, refusing to use life powders, refusing to use mantles (this one REALLY doesn't make sense), and even attacking the damn thing while he's casting EM. I can't even with this.
Sounds like they're extremely skilled and wise players who shouldn't be messed with
This is why I solo farmed him. It took me a few days of dying to him until finally making him farmable solo.I used SnS but I'm sure LS will do a lot better.
This is the best monster ever and everyone who disagree is a filthy casual who can't cluster boom it solo.
lol cluster bombing is less effort than sleep bombing, try soloing with a real weapon scrub.
If you are at low HR, try asking for help from some high HR and go a sup build (lunastra set is perfect for that), it worked for me.