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"Anyone who are foolish enough to try and stay in camp area's tent will be booted out of the tent automatically" When did this become a thing? It took me two months to get a kill on him and when I finally did I had to hide in the tent to avoid the ecliptic, and it worked in October. The moron whose quest I joined did not have the ER northwestern camp unlocked so when I got carted in stage 4, two comets down, I was halfway across the damn map and had no time to run back. Staying in the tent avoided the meteor. But I was too far away to get back in time to carve before the timer ran out
Should probably learn some mechanics then. How can you call the quester a moron when you literally camp to avoid EM? You're totally "that guy"
I was carted in stage 4 of the fight, with two comets down. By the time my character stopped staggering stupidly and let me regain control, Behemoth was already calling down the ecliptic. You try running HALFWAY ACROSS THE GODDAMN MAP when the ecliptic is coming down. If I died again because I wasn't behind a comet it would have been quest failed after two months of trying. I HAD NO OTHER CHOICE. The original question still stands: when did they change it so that people in the tent would be forced out?
The tent thing still works, and I just accidentally did it during one hunt on Behemoth, right after I faint, he cast the eclipse while I was restocking items for powders and such. My teammates were surprised tbh, and so am I. What i'm saying is, if the tent part does not work, then that means that there might be a bug wherein you can dodge eclipse during item or weapon selection inside the tent. Albeit, this is not viable during hunts unless, i.e., you fainted and had no time to run to a meteor/comet thing. P.S. I am not the original commenter.
Any tips for beating him solo? I play PS4 and I don’t pay for PS Plus, so I can’t exactly co-op his a$$. I can barely make it through the second stage. I’m only trying to beat him to get rid of the final fantasy music in the hub. It got old pretty fast. But beating this unsightly beast has been a b*tch.
You will just struggle unfortunately, the boss is DESIGNED for co-op play
Designed for co-op huh? That's one of the worst ideas for this game considering it's single player with optional --OPTIONAL-- multiplayer.
You can solo him on normal one, just use flash pod and gain an emity asap. For extreme, Just get PS plus or you have to be god send like those on youtube.
Yeah, I guess I might have to just wait and pay for Plus. Jesus lol. I time-out or strike-out before I even hit the third stage. I would just ignore the fight, but I can’t really stand the FF music in the hub. It was nice the first two or three times it booted up, but now it’s just kinda gotten a little annoying.
not possible for normies/casuals. The real fight starts in the last stage and it's hell on earth. Even with a team if they don't know what to do. I beat him once, never again.
Use Glutton or anything else HBG with min. Guard 3/5 and Guard up. So you can tank him and shot him all the time. Get Emnity with sticky or slice... You will need Health Boost lvl 3, if you're not able to evade most attacks. Temporal mantle and Rocksteady are recommended. To be independent of the comets you have to learn the correct timing for the jump (there are al lot of videos on you tube). Use Flash Pods to avoid Charybdis when you don't have enmity. Go back to camp after each phase an resupply. In Phase 4 get him asleep and bomb him. I fight the normal one at least 60 times or so with randoms, but every time by playing SnS Support. The best tanks were always the skilled HBG users... The extreme Behemoth, on the other hand, is a completely different story. I fight him a lot, but was only able to defeat him once with a very skilled random group ;)
Git gud casual
this is stupid i am HR 49 and i can not beat this guy at 16HR take this monster and shove it
Gotta be HR 50 to do this homeslice...
Dont know what your talking about. I was fresh off Xeno when this popped up for me
I'm HR 87 and still can't beat this damn guy who can give me advice to defeat it
Assuming you are not trying to solo it, having a good Wide-Range SnS player is what helped me beat him. I was just doing SOS runs and literally the first time a good SnS Support player joined my squad we dunked him without a single cart. (We had IG, SnS support, GL, and HBG for our comp) It also really helps if you have a class that reliably gain enmity and survive while doing so such as CB or the lances, as this is when you can safely do a ton of damage to him. Other small tips are to always line him up and drop the crystal stalactites in Phase 1 for that major free damage and knockdown, make sure you cut the tail ASAP (IG and LS are good for this), always bring Temporal Mantle its such a godsend vs him, and always try to be ready to flashpod the Charybdis cast especially in the later phases where he can tend to spam it a lot. Hope this helps, good luck.
find a discord find a tank and healer and a attacker and it will be dead in 10 min
Find a Heavy Bowgun user, who can get him asleep. Bring a lot of Flashing Pods and pray to god.
So I've noticed after a handful of successful hunts that enmity is kind of pointless for a good team, at least against standard Behemoth. Is it more important for Extremoth? I feel like his target would just die.
Gaining the Behemoth's enmity is not that useful against the regular Behemoth since you can easilly flash him whenever he is about to cast a Charybdis, but against the Extreme Behemoth, not only does he cast them way faster, but you can only flash him twice during the entire fight. When a player gains the Behemoth's enmity against the Extreme Behemoth will prevent him to use Charybdis, and also have one player to keep him still so that the other three can deal as much damage as they can, especially since there is a DPS check during phase 3.
He is completely correct, although I'll add that enmity should only be taken by a designated Tank ( Massively preferred to be using Spread HBG, as Lance's/Melee enmity uptime is far lower in comparison). Otherwise you'd more likely be carting, and that's what you want to avoid most.
whoever said he is weak to paralysis is a lying worthless *****.
I mean, he's not resistance, just don't expect more than three... Unless you're using something like Taroth Axe "Paralysis", everything that's not immune is weak to that lol.
trying to solo this with DB isn't a good idea, is it?


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yeah it's a bad idea if you want to slay behemoth solo, but for the "Repel the Behemoth" quest it is still possible to do it solo. I just did it with the Odogaron Alpha Set Armor + Decimation Claw
I know how to beat extremoth. | | | | | | | | | ----| -----> you thought it was helpful advice but it was me DIO!!
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2 bombs were not enough
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The hardest part about Behemoth isn't the monster itself, it's the fact that you need to play with other people. I kind of have an idea what it feels like to be immortal now, seeing generation after generation of Hunters run to their dooms while I alone live, burdened by dueling emotions of survivor's guilt and seething rage. Please humanity, stop sucking at this fight and let me finish this goddamn quest.
Seriously, everyone and their mothers basically throw themselves into his mouth before i can finish him off
If you wanna go solo, do yourself a favor and pick up a bow. I mean, look at the numbers yourself: Bow is the safest choice if you dont wanna spend too much time with it. I mean that goes for most hunts but it especially counts for this one.
the ***** wiki? why autoremove the link? mhw.wiki-db(.)com/solota/quest/122