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I eather die, disconnect, or, because someone fainted more than 3 times I fail the quest. I still think it's a cool fight though of you put it in perspective
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Imagine being such a chad that you cuck all other bosses in their own franchise. Get *****ed MHfags
This is probably the most 12 year old comment I've seen in a while. We even have words like chad and cuck being thrown around.
ah yes a * in the natural habitat
For so much hate against MH you sure seem to be spending a lot of time here...
In real life mythology, the name Behemoth is actually the name that belongs to The Beast. Often paired with the number 666. Behemoth is just one of many names that belong to a single being, best known as Satan, or the Devil. The fact that Square Enix based a monster on the literal Devil means that its not a pushover. But where you can become a god in a FF game doesn’t mean that Behemoth will be as easy in another game. Case in point, that one monster that killed all of us so many times it feels as if we were already in hell to begin with. That initial stare that he gives you when he’s chomping on best boi is just pure evil. He looks like he’s actually intelligent, and if you don’t stop him he will destroy everything. A monster based on the Devil himself, its so outlandish but it really works.
I did some math and if I'm not a complete idiot (which I may be in terms of my math skills) you need a bit more than 40 hits per minute to beat the tempered one and a bit more than 20 hits per minute to beat the normal one if you deal 40 damage with each hit (note that these numbers don't account for crits and elements or ailments)
This guy is optional. He’s no longer the defining meta. The Final Fantasy theme has FINALLY (pun not intended) left Astera. I can finally pretend like this guy doesn’t even exist. I can ignore him now. I’m not in any squad so I wasn’t able to ever beat him anyway. I can breathe a sigh of relieve because I’ve never enjoyed fighting this guy, and now I don’t have to anymore. And to be honest, after so many f*cking hours of getting back to Astera and having to listen to that despicable FF crossover music I never knew how much I actually like the normal Astera theme. I would’ve paid full price just to get rid of that goddamn FF theme. I can be happy that Monster Hunter is once again Monster Hunter. And lets keep it that way, alright Capcom?
Oh, and by the way; we’re never gonna talk about Extremoth again. We’re only gonna laugh at it watching TDS wreck its sh*t.
Plot twist

Capcom: releases Extremoth in later free updates along side of release of FF7 Part 2.