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Time to get Vaal Hazak Y armor
that **** is broken at max lvl
Behemoth is from MHL4 3ds and there could be and idea of how the armor and weapon might look like
description incorrectly says XV event instead of XIV event
Behemoth Alpha Armor Set (α) and Behemoth Beta Armor Set (β)
Okay... what about it?
Why?! So many dragon like monsters you could have picked...why behemoth?
Because we have enough dragons as is
Maybe because Behemoth is one of the most recognizable monsters from Final Fantasy?
Oh...Recognizable...Yea...so is the cactaur... we don't need a cat, what fur armor? Or will it be like teostra, just use a pure metal armor and call it behemoth armor?
Because Nidhogg was to mainstream
You know for a fact that he’s gonna deal Lightning and Fire damage, also prepare to have meteors dropped on you...
Im still waiting for fatalis tp be honest
we need zin, brachy, fated four, gore, and seregios back. that'd be amazing.



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Welp good thing i’m Working on a 1300+ defense build
I need help for that , how do you get it THAT far? I only get it up to 500 with the val hazak fully augmented and upgraded with level 7 defense skill, i also have divine protection on