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By Anonymous
What’s the motion for the spell? I’m trying to do a Dumbledore art piece to put on devianart.
By Anonymous
Hi, Dirty Colossus. Bye, Dirty Colossus
By Anonymous
no you guys i really do kill everything in 1 hit for real this time
By Anonymous
what is AoE?
By Anonymous
Area of Effect. It's common terminology for spells that affect a wide area around the player.
By Anonymous
Firestorm and Warding make sorcery builds vastly OP and make Faith builds utterly useless as **** in comparison.
By Anonymous
Anti-Magic Field.
By Anonymous
My PTSD of Prison Of Hope is funning high.
By Anonymous
Thanks to being high, I had the idea to use Anti-magic field in Prison of Hope. It's surreal watching one of the most dreaded enemies in the game rendered utterly defenseless.
By Anonymous
Stupidly overpowered spell.

Whenever I invade and see someone standing there with a cat, I know what they're waiting for.

Those people get their FS baited out and my Scraping Spear all over their armor.
By Anonymous
“A spell mimicking the raw power of the Dragon God, Sultan of Chaos”

What a ******* epic description. I’ve never read a more boss like and intimidating line in any of the Souls games.