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Lol so many people are asshats on this wiki....
Like, a ridiculous amount.
I'd like to imagine, they're mad because they can't summon phantoms and actually git gud...
Btw if you downvote this, your only proving my point.... children....
fax right here
Should I get this game?
yes, it's great
The Return ending has me acting up. Imagine a Sekiro sequel that takes place in China, witch Chinese lore and mythology, that would be so dope
Only downside i have is that I wish there was some more ninjutsu's in the game for more ways to use enemies for your own advantage. like I told my friend one time where I wished there was a ninjutsu where you set the person you backstabbed a ticking blood bomb and depending if he's near other enemies, he runs to them yelling “Help me! Help me!” and then blows up near them, either killing them or raising their posture bar high depending on how strong they are.
You realize thats nearly the same thing one of the ninjutsu already does?
that's a great idea, would've been sick
I'm saying this as someone who beat every boss in DS3 and 1 without help: This game's just not fun. It's infuriating how weak Sekiro is! His dodge is complete **** and he does a cowering animation after he gets hit which allows enemies to combo him. He takes so much hitstun it's ridiculous. Bosses have every advantage over you and require you to do only one specific thing that will work at the right time. You're just getting little one hit chips of damage on them. Their animations don't even match their hitboxes. Try to jump over a thrust? Too bad; even though it shows they missed you still get hit because you HAD to Mikiri counter it. And don't like the sword combat? Too bad; you can't create a different build. Now I'm at the point where I can either grind the corrupt monk or Genichiro for hours and I don't want to do it! Which sucks because exploring the world is so fun. But they throw bosses everywhere. It's completely reliant on you liking to grind unfair bosses and liking the very limited options of combat. And I don't! Honestly DS3 was just a much better game.
dodging is only used for countering thrust attacks and escaping grab attacks, try deflecting instead, it doesn't matter if you only get little chips of hp damage cause if you constantly deflect and counter then you'll be doing posture damage as well
Yeah dude this game is the weakest of the souls series, DS1 and Bloodborne show the flaws in Sekiro
I've beaten all the Soulsborne games. I'm not a great player but enjoyed the challenge and the sense of overcoming adversity. They were also rpg games that allowed you to tailor the game slightly to suit your play style, or simply grind and level up where difficulty got too much. Sadly this game offers none of that, you must play it their way or die and their way requires the reflexes of a fighter pilot as two hits and you're gone. The game will appeal to elite players wanting a supreme challenge and bragging rights, but if you're a bit more casual it will infuriate you.
As someone who has played every souls game (Demons souls, Ds1-3, Bloodborne, and Sekiro) I have a tier list of all the souls games and wanted to share them
1)Dark souls 1- This is my first souls game like many and even without my nostalgic glasses this is the best souls game to date (In MY opinion) the music, bosses, and environment never let me down
2)Bloodborne)- The gothic horror, the beast who yearn for blood, and hentai tenti- I mean love craft creatures. This game was my second souls game and everything I said about DS1 can just be put here. That being said BB is weird, for how much I love playing it starting a new save can be boring and tedious
3)Demons souls and Dark souls3 - I played these games at the same time and I can never decide which one is better, I group them up together because both of them have great strengths and concerning flaws. Demons I can just have a ridiculous amount of healing items and Ds3 is just DS1 but new
4)Dark souls 2 and Sekiro- So this is where it gets concerning, I like Ds2 and I like shadows too...But both are very poor souls games. Sekiro is very very VERY boring on the 3rd playthrough, and Ds2 is just....well Ds2.The combat in both is subpar, story isn't something to be very interested in and just mechanics for both is sad to see....especially Sekiro. While all the skills are interesting and the arm functionality is cool, both are very poor gimmicks that could've been 10 times improved upon, also the reflect while very cool and the main part of Sekiro, is boring when mastered

Sorry for the end of the tier list. its just depressing of what Sekiro could've been, even with the free update its just slapping a bandied on a hole in a chest