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How many dislikes can I get on this comment?
Game of the Year baby WOOHOO!



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git gud in 2020 or play kirbys dreamland - healthy start in 2020.
I'm sorry I let my gf play this game...now she mikiri counters sex
Mikiri counter doesn't protect from backstab ^^
Does she steps on your *****? Thats sound painfull...
Played Sekiro.. fell in a love/hate relationship.. result = PLATINUM!!!!!.. I WIN!!!!!
I tried to play 3 times earlier, uninstalled after half an hour play, couldn't understand the mechanics, too difficult. Now, I am loving it. This is the only game which made me put real effort. I levelled up, not Sekiro.
Didn't need one.
Kuwabara Kuwabara
I like this game
why did this get a dislike
Help needed I completed all endings in 1st playthrough ok I obeyed iron code 1st reloaded my save and broke code now I’m on ng+ and need trophy all bosses I’ve defeated all up to code again this is where confused trophy shows bosses from both endings eg ishin and owl if I do save b4 I chooses will thus count to get my platinum
just play it right lol
If you don't feel like playing the game multiple times, I suggest not going for achievements.

They are called achievements for a reason....