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Demo gameplay of Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice has been shown at E3 alongside some short press interviews. The next FromSoftware title mixes Tenchu and Souls – check out the result and our impressions.

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I've several times challenged From to branch out. I'm excited for this game.
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I am happy for their emancipation...but immensely disappointed at their decision to abandon multiplayer and character customization. The lack of level would be fine in multiplayer as well frankly.
Multiplayer has been what has set souls well above the rest for me.... if I wanted to play real good single player action games I would still play Bayonetta and devil may cry....
I will play this game when it comes out but probably not more than once or twice and then shelf it like all single player games and never look back.



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I think this is the right aproach. Hope they can pull it off.
The lack of leveling will take away the somewhat fluid difficulty, so enemy and level design have to be spot on to keep it from getting monotone or super frustrating, I dont think the more varied gameplay will carry it alone.HINt: just give it some fluidity and variability from the get go....just not the resident evil 4 way of getting easier if you suck so you get the maximum monotony out of your expierence.
It would also take a lot of annoying stuff from pvp(duels) and focus it entirely on skill but whatever.

Lack of different right hand weapons is dissapointing but if the left hand weapons are tied to the moveset of the sword it´s somewhat understandable. Why not go at least dagger/sword/bigsword though.

Pursuer style enemy hopefully means someone finally took notice of alien isolation and it´s possibilities. Though i doubt the a.i. will be anywhere near that level and it probably gets scrapped again anyway.
In the same vein, letting players take over enemies could do the same thing and with taking over they could force you into a certain playstyle that fits the moment. Could also be interesting for coop actually. Give me a completly different objective or minigame that changes the world for the main player somewhat. Anything really, there´s a lot of potential there. Hell let me be a cat and take a dump in someones world. If he/she steps into it buff their item-discovery. And dont tell anyone the other player is there.
All in all the general unpredictability and weird random stuff with multiplayer will leave a big hole in the expierence if it´s gone completly. Could be done with other means though.

Soulsstyle lore is hopefully there to augment the main story and create the world around it. If not that would be a major dissapointment for me.

Grappling hook and jumping......YAY!!!

All in all it could be the game i´ve been hoping other developers would make after taking inspiration from souls, but since this is the videogame industry inspiration means making a clone, so i´m glad they just do it themselves(Assuming enough of it is still there)
I hope the choices were made with a good reason and as a challenge for them, cause how it sounds now, it has to be a lot better than dks2 and 3 just to work.

i always wanted a game similar to tenchu without the stupid story but with better fighting/mechanics and a more open world. Think classic japanese movies instead of cheap japanese action cliché.
Guess i´m moderatly hyped.



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So, a game more comparable to, say, 3D Shinobi, 3D Ninja Gaiden games, Onimusha or even the company's own Otogi series? More that than Soulsborne, anyway? I don't see the problem here. When people talk FromSoft, it's pretty much the Souls games, Bloodborne and nothing else. Sure, those are the titles that put them on the mainstream map, but their legacy goes so much further back and is far more varied than what some would assume. I guess games like King's Field and Shadow Tower have been given slightly more spotlight as a result of this, but more for people just to meme them as quaint, dated dungeon crawlers with bad graphics and gameplay and just a bunch of funny skeletons to swing at. I guess Armored Core is generally well-liked, 4/For Answer mainly (either for being the most recent Armored Core games - V aside, that one wasn't too well-received - and/or for those being Miyazaki's first directorial efforts), but they have a legacy with survival horror with two Echo Night games, Kuon, and apparently the second Shadow Tower game, JRPGs like the Evergrace series and Enchanted Arms, aforementioned Otogi games (seriously, those games need a resurrection - they were exclusives for the first Xbox that nobody bought - me included - but my Xbox was wearing down badly to a barely functioning state, so it had to go before I could seek out any more games for it), proto-Hands of Fate-like(???) card-based action-adventure games Lost Kingdoms 1 and 2, novel and cutesy platformer Cookie & Cream (in one-player mode, you control two cartoon animal characters on two sides of a screen, and use each side of the PS2, or DS for the DS version's, controller, to maneuver both through various levels), a Kinect sequel to Steel Battalion which was apparently unplayable (what else do you expect from Kinect) and one Ninja Gaiden-lite action game called Ninja Blade, the first FromSoft game I've played in full (well, as in the full game and not a demo, I never finished it). It had those neat mechanics you find in similar 3D Ninja games like running across walls and so forth, levels were a bit too long and the game was broken up in one of a few sections: fight a horde of enemies for however long until you progress to the next horde of monsters, a boss fight and the most infamous element of the game: QTE sequences. I think 50% of the game were QTE sequences. They weren't fun, and broke the game's flow very badly. What caused me to quit was its absolute **** STUPID save system, which I won't go into right now. I'm hoping Sekiro is at least a better game than Ninja Blade was for me.

Also FromSoft has quite the catalog of mecha games. Armored Core is the big daddy of the bunch, yeah, but besides that misconceived Steel Battalion game, there's Chromehounds, Metal Wolf Chaos (THANK YOU Devolver for bringing it over to the U.S. at last! And it'll have a GOG release too, making it probably the first FromSoft game to make it to the GOG store, which is cool), Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit, and a Dreamcast game called Frame Gride, which is a mech fighting game of some kind. Holy crap do they have a lot of Armored Core games listed in their... gameography? Ludography? (As much as I acknowledge the legitimacy and usefulness of "ludo" and variants why is it the only people I see use it are a-holes?).

I thought they also did 3D Dot Game Heroes, but they only were its Japanese publishers, apparently.

Point being, Souls has become ingrained so heavily into FromSoft's identity that now people expect every game they make now to be just those. Besides a little bit of Otogi and a few levels of Ninja Blade, I admit that Souls is all I've played from them. If I went through their entire video game back catalog it's likely I'd end up concluding that the Soulsborne games are their peak achievements, their games before that were generally critically mixed, sold to a super-niche crowd and were even less accessible than what people claim Souls games to be. Regardless, I am glad to see them try and move out of that bubble they unwittingly trapped themselves in (well, they and the hardcore Souls fans are both at fault here) back to their more eclectic (or mech-oriented, whichever) territory. Sekiro seeming to wash away most of the elements that distinguished Souls games as being Souls games out of the project, their showcasing of a melancholic-looking first-person VR fairy tale/adventure game in a boarding school where you walk around and solve puzzles, and Devolver's bold announcement of their Metal Wolf Chaos remake (I have only seen a couple posts in question, but apparently their #MechAmericaGreatAgain hashtag raised the ire of many - what a time to be alive. People have no sense of tongue-in-cheek humor anymore, any mild pisstake on Trump slogans not foaming-at-the-mouth declarations of fascism and white supremacist violence are to be shunned, and people don't care to understand even the context of the humor, which is how over-the-top MWC is in its pro-American patriotic antics, too excessive for even American audiences the time of its release I imagine - anyway, just **** 2018 politics, that is all on that, and I can't wait to play both Sekiro and Metal Wolf Chaos XD - the VR game I'm not so sure about, only because I don't want to invest in a VR headset to just to play any one game - I'd definitely be more willing if there was a non-VR version I could play).
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it shocks me is how selfish the community is, they literally don't care if from gets rid of all that for good as long as the parts they like are intact


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So... From is doing Zelda then? Carry on, I'm interested.



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I'm a little disappointed at the moment...reveal trailer looks like God of War : Samurai Addition. It's hard for me to get excited about a game without attribute points/character building, item discovery, cornucopia of weapon/armor sets and play style. That being said, I will give From the benefit of the doubt because they have never made a game I didn't love. I had similar doubts when BB was first revealed and BB is a strong contender for favorite among all of them for me, so here's hoping that From can wow me again.

Plus Vaati's latest vidya suggests that Sekiro isn't the "Souls-like" game that From has been working on that was referenced in a previous interview way back when they were quoted to be developing 3 new titles. A game that is in line with the soulsborne series, a new IP and a "weird" VR game. We definitely know what the VR game is, and it would appear that Sekiro is the new IP, so that leaves the dyed in the wool souls game.
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